YouTube is used monthly by 1.5 billion subscribers

Google has announced that its monthly number of users will reach more than 1.5 billion subscribers during its annual VidCon conference.

In 2013, Google announced the arrival of the number of YouTube users to one billion monthly users. But now it has announced the arrival of the number of subscribers to one and a half billion, which means that only counted for people who have logged in, so the real number is much greater, considering the presence of users did not log on.

The company said the people who signed in were watching at least one hour of video daily on their smartphones.

The executive president of the site that the hours spent by the American person watching television up to four hours a day. This makes the time spent watching YouTube on the phone very important.

The company also talked about the service of Youtube Red, which has a number of views to 250 million with 27 films and an exclusive series of subscribers.

The company emphasized that it is highly focused on the application of YouTube on TVs, which grows by 90% per year. YouTube TV will add new channels because of the importance of YouTube and the growing importance of watching TV online.


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