Facebook tests a special tab for video in their application to Android

As part of its competition for YouTube, Facebook is testing a special tab to access all of the videos in one place to watch them on their Android-like application.

The new tab appears in the top section among the rest of the icons and is a start-up tag. By clicking on it, Facebook displays all the videos you’ve published on the pages you’re following, friends you follow, or your friends have interacted with. Through this tab, you can watch endless videos from Facebook.

The tab does not show videos from people you know, but lets you explore and browse videos that people and pages do not follow by categorizing them across sports, news, entertainment, and more.

Facebook has already introduced the same YouTube in April last year, which allows streaming live videos from your friends, but it is now expanding to the clips on the social network, as well as connecting to Android, meaning that Facebook is about to launch the feature on a scale Wide worldwide.

This new tab will pose a big threat to YouTube because it helps users spend more time on Facebook, not only watching their friends’ videos and pages of interest, but even learning new content that will reduce their chances of going to YouTube to learn about it.

In the end, all this is in the direction of the company to increase its advertising revenue from videos and had achieved about 8 billion dollars in the first quarter of last year.




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