Facebook introduces new features to group managers

Facebook announced today its new mission and in conjunction with it revealed the addition of new group benefits that make it easier for managers to work.

First, group statistics and insights As with pages, Facebook now offers group analytics and insights that help managers understand the performance of their groups more by showing up-to-date real-time indicators of group growth, interaction, number of publications, and the most popular time.

We also know that adding members to groups is one of the most time-consuming tasks, so Facebook has added a way to sort membership requests according to criteria such as gender and location and thus reject or accept applications at once.

It was an advantage to add members, but also to remove members share through a new feature that allows you to delete a person, all publications, comments and even people who added them with a single click.

Finally, group administrators and moderators can only schedule publications in advance to be published on a specific date and time.

Facebook tests the grouping feature so that managers can suggest similar or group-related groups to members.

Facebook groups regularly use more than half of their total users, more than 1 billion users, but they have never cared about them compared to pages. Facebook sees them helping people build their communities through Facebook groups.




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