Caltech camera with no lenses may help make the phones really flat

Many people resent the camera lens. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have developed an optical phased array that can be used as an alternative to the traditional camera lens. By delaying the arrival of light to different places on the slide, it helps to change the focus of the lens.

In this way, you can switch from the fish-eye lens to the telephoto lens by modifying the way you receive light. Another team released a similar technology in 2014 with a small projector that can be placed inside your phone. Phone to a 3D scanner.

Now a two-dimensional camera has been developed that can capture low-resolution barcode images, which are distinctive if compared to iPhone images. The new chip is a 64-square square chip, and the team is seeking to extend the camera’s support to large receivers that are more sensitive and accurate in taking pictures.




One thought on “Caltech camera with no lenses may help make the phones really flat

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