WannaCry attacks come back and force Honda to suspend its activity

Honda has been forced to suspend its activity in a factory outside Tokyo due to concerns about the WannaCry ransom attacks that hit Windows a month ago, according to CNET.

The company complained about the presence of these attacks to immediately suspend its activity for one day and shut down the computers to ensure their safety and the absence of malicious software on them. To return to work later without any significant losses.

WannaCry attacks have infected thousands of computers in 150 countries around the world, attacks based on a security vulnerability that was exploited by the NSA without users’ knowledge.

Two months before Microsoft launched the attacks, Microsoft released a security update to close that gap. But because a large proportion of computers are running Windows XP, as well as not installing the latest updates constantly, malicious software was able to spread and encrypt user data and ask for ransom for decryption.

One week after WannaCry emerged, researcher Benjamin Delpy developed a tool that allows the decryption of damaged files after the attack, without the need to pay ransoms to hackers.


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