To launch of the new Snap Map feature, Snapchat has quietly acquired the Zenly app

As we know Snap yesterday launched an update to the application of the famous Snap chat feature Snap Map, which you can see the stories in different parts of the world in addition to know the site and follow the whereabouts of your friends in real time.

Back to news page TechPrunch announced in a new report that Snap is relying on the new features of Snapchat, launched yesterday by Zenly, which it acquired in a deal valued at $ 250 million to $ 350 million.

The Zenly application is more like a social network that allows tracking of friends’ sites on the map in real time in addition to sharing the site and some things like battery status and the application has more than 2 million users on Android and iOS.

Snap has not yet announced the acquisition, but is expected to announce it officially when it announces results for the second quarter of 2017 in a few weeks.

The acquisition of Zenly is the second acquisition by Snape after the implementation of Bitmoji, which it acquired last year and integrated its services with Snape directly.




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