Samsung will not be able to set the fingerprint sensor in the Note 8 screen

We hoped the Galaxy S8 would be the first experience and the final result would come in Note 8, but unfortunately our hope seems to have been disappointed as Samsung has not been able to put the fingerprint sensor on the screen and will remain behind the phone.

According to the latest reports, Samsung faced technical difficulties in applying the idea. Where the company could not put an electric circuit under the surface of the screen that will read the image fingerprint of the screen above it.

The technical difficulties are not limited to the ability of the company to put the sensor in the screen or below, and even produce large quantities of sensitive screens to cover the large demand expected on the phone 8. The uneven lighting in the Amoled screens may affect the response speed Sensitive.

Most likely, we will not see a touch-sensitive 8-inch note on the screen, but it will be in the back, but Samsung may adjust its position slightly to make it easier to access with the large phone screen.

Samsung is expected to unveil its new flagship phone on Aug. 26.But at the same time, big companies may not be the first to offer new features, but Chinese companies. Vivo reviewed a video showing a person unlocking one of their phones by touching the screen. Huawei is reported to have launched the feature on their next P11.

Apple has been developing the fingerprint sensor inside the iPhone screen by taking advantage of AuthenTec, a developer of fingerprint sensors, which it acquired five years ago. Even the US company got a patent for this sensitive site a month ago. 8 which will be released after a month of 8 notes?




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