Qualcomm is working on the Snapdragon 450 processor

A new processor appears to be working on Qualcomm, and it will be called the Snapdragon 450, and it seems to be associated with the Snapdragon 625 processor.

The Snapdragon 625 is a 14nm chip that impresses with the battery life of the device. The new Snapdragon 4xx processors are built with the old 28nm technology, which puts an end to the power efficiency of the device.

The processor frequency will be set to 600 MHz. The Adreno 506 processor in the S625 processors is 650 MHz and if that is true, the Snapdragon 450 processor will have a great graphics performance advantage over the other 400 processor series.

But we will have to wait for the official confirmation of these specifications, which may represent an alternative to the Snapdragon 630 processor for phones with a reasonable budget.




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