New Google Glasses update from Google for the first time in three years

Google has suddenly launched a new update to its smart Google Glass, for the first time in almost three years, which was discontinued by the beginning of 2015.

According to the official website of the company, the new update came to address some of the problems and gaps, in addition to support Bluetooth technology for the first time. The above means that the user will now be able to synchronize the keyboards, mouse, or even wireless speakers with the glasses.

After the development of the first generation was stopped, the talks began with the development of the second-generation development project known locally as Project Ara. However, since mid-2015, Google has not talked about its smartphones, but launching a new generation update means that the company is still developing.

The telescope uses one of the simplest and most important principles of physics and light and is fully dependent on Prism prism to display the image on lenses.


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