Tumblr launches safe mode to prevent pornographic images from being displayed automatically

On the blogging platform, Tumblr spreads a huge amount of adult content or is sensitive. To prevent that content from being displayed, especially images, while browsing, Tumblr provides the safe mode that will require pressing the image to open it manually.

Safe mode is concerned with everything that is considered sensitive, and this includes more than just pornography and nudity. Safe mode applies to the application and location of the service while viewing search results or even browsing the Timeline and you can choose to block only one.

Safe mode of account settings is enabled on the app or site, and if you are under 18 you can not stop it. Templer did not mention how to identify sensitive content, but she would certainly use image recognition algorithms and try to distinguish sensitive image content from a large amount of previous images.

Of course, such steps are not enough to make Tumblr a convenient place to surf, but it is the simplest thing to offer to defend itself against claims.

The Twitter and Instigate platforms also offer a similar feature to safe mode, blocking the automatic display of sensitive images and videos, even though Instagram does not actually publish pornographic content, unlike Twitter, which is just blocking.




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