The Board of Directors of Uber starts looking for a new CEO after forcing the former to resign

Uber’s board of directors began the search for a new head of operations after forcing former Travis Kalanick to resign.

Kalanick published a letter before telling employees at Uber that he would go on an open leave in order to regain focus to run the company strongly after his return. But the site Recode confirmed that the former CEO submitted his resignation due to pressure from the Board of Directors.

In a memo sent by the former Times chief executive, he said he liked Uber more than anything in his life, and he accepted investor requests and took a short break from the company’s management to make room for change and to get rid of problems that were troubling the company.

The board did not agree with the former CEO. He still has the support of some, but investors were a key factor in making the decision despite Kalanick’s letter to employees telling them he would return Travis 2.0, a sign of a change.

The company also launched a campaign to change and improve services when it announced 180 days of change under which every 30 days would participate in new steps to improve the quality of service as much as possible, and also provided for the first time the possibility of receiving drivers for the benefits of passengers.


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