IKEA Furniture collaborates with Apple to use the enhanced reality in a new application

An IKEA furniture specialist spoke of a new collaboration with Apple to use the ARKit package and launch a new application that benefits from enhanced reality technologies.

The company aspires to launch an application that makes purchasing furniture very easy by painting the empty room and then experience the furniture and its compatibility with the colors of the room before buying. It also intends to add new products to the enhanced reality before they reach the official site.

“Apple’s enhanced reality package offers a very high resolution that allows for great measurement, which will help to select furniture and place it in the room,” the official said. Adjusting automatic lighting and dropping real shadows is unprecedented in enhanced reality applications.

IKEA has long relied on the use of 3D images of its products rather than real images, which will allow it to take advantage of these images in the new application to provide a great experience.

According to the report, the company intends to provide the application in its stores so that the user and when standing in front of the piece you like running the application and open the image of his room to be displayed within the image with the possibility to control the size and location before buying.

Tim Cook himself confirmed the collaboration with IKEA at the WWDC 17 Developers Conference, saying the ARKit package allows users and businesses to provide an unprecedented experience, especially in areas such as the purchase of upholstery.


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