Uber drivers can now get the gratuities and the company starts a 180 day campaign to change

Seeking to break the black days that led to the resignation of its chief executive, Uber began a new 180-day campaign, a campaign to improve the company’s services as much as possible.

The company said that during the coming period each month it will participate in a series of steps that it intends to take to improve the quality of service, which are in response to requests from passengers and drivers alike.

As a result of the new changes, passengers will be able to leave the drivers in tip-outs after years of refusing this principle. The choice of leaving the eateries will be available in three cities at the beginning, and will later be available to the rest of the places where Uber can be used.

The company has adjusted the waiting times to start from two minutes, so the driver starts to get the fare two minutes after his arrival. The driver will also receive a fare as compensation from the passenger if he cancels the request after two minutes.

In addition to the above, the driver will receive additional points in all orders he completes, and these points can be replaced with real money at any time. The company also added US $ 2 to the passenger fare for teenagers, with a new option for driver insurance.

The company said that with the beginning of each month during the next six months will participate new steps to improve the quality of service. She also noted that such improvements would be gradual and aim to encompass all regions.


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