Time Warner has a $ 100 million advertising deal with Snapchat

The Millennium Generation is why Snap is distinct from the rest of the services, which prompted Facebook to acquire it, which also prompted Time Warner to enter into a $ 100 million advertising and content deal.

The new deal covers a two-year period during which media giant Time Warner will publish ads and content related to its companies, channels and well-known brands such as Turner, Warner Bros and HBO. Snap will be shown short videos of her programs and series as a promotion.

The company says it will broadcast three series a day by the end of the year. Snape Chat currently offers one series a day with a short episode of 3-5 minutes.

It makes sense for major media companies to turn to new channels, such as Snap, to reach the generation of the millennium generation who no longer watches television as before.

Time Warner will be able to market its films and series via Snapchat to the most focused segment, the younger generation. For its part, Snapchat will offer more than just a marketing channel, and is expected to provide specialized filters for the characters and content of Time Warner movies and series.

It is not unusual for Snap to persuade the top American and British media companies to go to them, having previously worked with NBC, ESPN, BBC and Discovery Channel.





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