Reports that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched in New York in August

The next Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched at a New York event in the third week of August, according to someone who has been involved in a phone industry that recently leaked a picture showing the device’s supposed screen protector. If this leak is true, The new phone will be ahead of the IFA annual event in Berlin, which will begin on September 1.

Earlier reports from the South Korean media claimed that Samsung wanted the Galaxy Note 8 phone to overcome the latest iPhone phones. If the rumors about the great redesign of the iPhone were true, Samsung had a strong incentive to launch a new Note 8 phone into the market. Before launching the latest Apple phones.

Galaxy Note 7 will be back in South Korea in July under the name Galaxy Note FE, according to reports from local news agencies. Samsung has previously said that the developed phone Note 7 will be absent from some major markets such as the United States, which means The device will not affect the sales of the new Note 8, and will target only the largest fans of the brand in Asia, and the common specifications of the phone Galaxy Note 8 that will be provided with the processor Snapdragon 836, but it seems that users of phones Galaxy Note at the same time expect to see the same processor Located in the international version of the Galaxy S8 phone, the Exyno processor S 8895.




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