HTC begins selling U11 in solar red

ITC has decided to receive orders on its new U11 in Solar Red for users in the United States in the next stage.

The solar red is the gradient of the device thanks to the bright back of the device, from the angle appears as red. But once the device is tilted, the color turns to orange in a simulation of the color of the sun that appears red and orange according to the angle of view.

The new device, in general, the processor Snab Dragon 835 and 8 GB random access memory, with internal storage starting from 64 GB. The price starts at $ 649.

The new phone features adjustable side edges to perform different tasks, pressing the device strongly for three seconds, for example, triggers an application. Pressing it for longer leads to opening another application. These options are controlled by the user from within the system.

Those interested in the device can read and watch the comprehensive review conducted in the world of technology, which dealt in detail all the advantages of the device and the strengths and weaknesses in it.


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