Apple collaborates with emerging health company Gorilla to develop a revolutionary medical system

CNBC has released new details about Apple’s new medical platform, which has been secretly developed, collaborating with emerging health company Gorilla to develop the platform.

The two companies will work together to develop a platform for pooling medical user data in one place, such as the results of analyzes, radiographs, as well as emergency cases and diseases that have been infected before.

Health Gorilla received $ 5 million in funding a while ago to develop a platform to store the user’s medical record electronically to be available at any time. This is in line with Apple’s vision of offering this platform on iPhones with full control over the data. The user can select specific tests to share with the doctor or hospital.

The company focuses on the medical field in its various devices. Health is available in iOS, but it provides only simple information about the number of steps and the number of calories. According to reports, they would like to go even further by providing a comprehensive platform for all medical data.

Apple has not spoken of the authenticity of its cooperation with the emerging company, which has also been silent, with other reports saying Apple is collaborating with labs and medical laboratories like Quest and LabCorp to complete this.

The same network said a week ago that Apple intends to acquire companies specializing in cloud storage to provide secure solutions to store medical data on them.


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