Video reviews Siri advantages on iOS 11

Siri gets more intelligence from every new version of iOS, and the new iOS 11 is no exception. This year, Siri was improved and developed into machine learning and artificial intelligence, giving the personal assistant a more natural voice, and more cross-section of the former.

As you’ll see in the video we’ll show below, Siri looks more human, speaks better, and acts depending on what the user says. There are also many other enhancements and great advantages offered by Siri users in the new system.

Now on iOS 11, Siri works across all of your devices to give you a more complete service about your interests, preferences, and routines. Because Siri syncs across multiple devices, it learns more about you, and your interactions with Siri are always the same whether you’re using an iPhone or iPad or even MacOS computers.

Siri can now do things like suggest a theme you might want to see from Apple News, depending on your Safari browsing habits, or suggest a reminder from the calendar app for when you’ve booked it in Safari. Siri can also suggest words in QuickType based on things you’ve recently viewed – such as movie titles or places.

In iOS 11, Siri includes the translation service, which can translate English into Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. As well as musical enhancements to HomePod. Siri can play the music you want and provide answers to music queries such as “What is this song?” Or “Who is the drummer in this band?” While listening to music.

You can now write to Siri instead of talking to him by activating the “Type to Siri” option in Accessibility. This makes it easy for us to communicate with Siri when the talk option is unavailable.

To learn more about Siri and to learn about the new features coming from iOS 11, see video of the features of iOS 11 on the iPad, and the first look at iOS 11 and its new features.


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