New front face video and photos for iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 front face appeared in a video and a new set of images originated from Chinese social networks that it claims are reliable sources familiar with Apple products.

According to the leaks, the front face will be a screen without side edges of almost all sides except the upper face, which will carry a very small area of ​​the camera and sensors, in addition to the earpiece as well.

The new leaks confirm part of the rumors that Apple will allocate part of the screen to put three-dimensional sensors along with the camera and the headset. But at the same time it contradicts some sources that said the front camera and optical sensors may be under the new screen.

MobileFun revealed a photo of a protective cover for the front of the device, a glass cover to protect the screen from scratches or refraction due to lack of side edges, which increases its sensitivity.

Over time, thanks to the leaks, some rumors about the details of the next iPhone 8 are confirmed in September 2017. The company wants to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the screen, which is confirmed by some leaked back covers. In addition to the existence of three-dimensional sensors, which is also shown by the latest leaks.

In terms of size, the new phone will be slightly larger than the iPhone 7, and smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, the screen on the iPhone 8 will be 5.8 inches, but the disposal of the side edges will be placed in a device dimensions smaller than the large Apple.


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