Microsoft says iPad is Apple’s response to the new Surface

Ryan Gavian, managing director of Surface devices at Microsoft, said that Apple released iPad Pro as a response to Surface. He said that when Surface was initially launched, everyone was skeptical of the company but then followed by other competitors. that. Ryan Javan also pointed out that they were not looking to imitate Apple.

Microsoft explained that the Surface Pro, launched last Thursday, is the best in its class, because it is multi-functional, working as a tablet as well as a laptop.

The new Surface Pro comes with the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors and a 13.5-hour battery life. This hybrid device can feature up to 1TB SSD, up to 16 GB of RAM, Intel® Plus Plus 640 graphics processor with USB port 3.0, microSD card reader and Mini DisplayPort.

In 2012, Tim Cook was asked why iPad was not integrated with the MacBook Air, so he explained that merging the two devices would have to sacrifice some of the elements. This was the comment that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadala made fun of four years later. He pointed out that everyone was amazed at the idea of ​​hybrid devices 3 years ago, but now even their competitors are trying to imitate them.

Although the iPad and Mac are still separate products, the iPad is Apple’s earliest attempt to produce a hybrid. Apple released the original iPad 12.9-inch screen and a smart keyboard in November 2015, three years after Microsoft’s first release. Surface with 10.6-inch screen and detachable keyboard.

In contrast, Surface was a response from Microsoft to the iPad, which was launched in early 2010, and Surface arrived in late 2012.

Tim Cook said the iPad is a laptop or alternative desktop computer for many people, adding that many people will start using it and no longer need to use anything other than their phones.




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