Apple’s annual subscription service adds $ 99

If Apple’s music service is more popular than its competitors, you now have the opportunity to save money by subscribing to the $ 99 annual package.

Of course, because this option saves you money, Apple has not announced it explicitly but has provided it directly within the subscription packages. Compared to the monthly subscription, the annual subscription provides $ 20 per year.

Note that until you sign up for an annual subscription, you must be a former subscriber and not a new subscriber. You only have a monthly subscription.

If you are a previous member of Apple TV, go to membership settings through the application of the service through the section For You and then view the account data and the quality of the subscription and you can transfer from there to the annual subscription.

Apple hopes to make this cheaper subscription keep current users as long as possible instead of switching to Spotify, which offers a full free subscription or paid subscriptions starting from $ 1 a month for three months and then back to the usual price. This is even cheaper if you subscribe monthly.




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