A survey shows that 19% of Apple users are “very” interested in acquiring HomePod

A survey of more than 2,000 people showed that 19 percent of Apple’s current owners are “very” interested in buying HomePod, which is about 13 percent of all smartphone buyers. Among all potential buyers of smart speakers we find that HomePod comes in third place.

Amazon Echo is clearly the favorite of the majority, with 17% saying it’s the best device for them, and the Amazon comes next with 12%, much less than HomePod and Google Home.

The price was key to smartphones, but the brand was the second largest factor; only 14% indicated that the accuracy of speech recognition was a key factor for them, suggesting that Apple may be taking the right approach in defining the device as a loudspeaker In the first place and as a device that supports “Siri” in second place.

The initial figures were higher, which showed that 45% of Apple owners and 41% of all smartphones as a whole said they were interested in buying a Apple speaker. But these figures are not accurate. It is easy to pay attention to buy something, but that does not mean they will actually buy. Who say they are “very” interested in buying something is what can be considered a true standard.

About five Apple owners have expressed specific interest in the product, which is encouraging news for the company. Amazon announced last February that it had sold 8.2 million Echo speakers, and while Apple’s speaker would cost almost double the price of $ 349, it was sold as a high quality luxury product. The HomePod speaker will be available for purchase in December.




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