Twitter launches its biggest redesign in years

Since Twitter decided it was a platform to see what was going on in the world instead of just another social network, the changes were very few. They invested more in streaming live video, opened the Moments feature for all users, and removed the @ In the comments, some of these changes have received mixed reactions, but now the company is preparing to make another set of modifications, this time you will focus on the design, and iOS users in particular will receive a completely new design for their Twitter application.

The main change for iOS users is that there will be fewer tabs instead of five. There will now be only four tabs. By default, these four tabs will be your home page or Timeline, a search tab and notifications The last one is direct messages, and to access your profile, lists, settings, and other accounts, just swipe right to see a new side navigation list.

Another change in the Twitter app for iOS is that links to articles and websites will now open in the Safari browser instead of the in-app web browser. According to a Twitter user, this allows you to easily access accounts on websites you’ve already signed in to, Safari browser also gives you the option to use Safari Reader, and you can also use your browsing mode if you wish.

There will also be design changes that go beyond the mere application of iOS systems, where the reply code has been changed from a curved arrow to a speech bubble, and this seems to be because some people think that the curved arrow means “delete” or “back to previous page” Under each tweet, the color will be lighter, the style of writing will be more consistent, the titles will be clearer, and the personal images will now be circular instead of square. These changes will be in the design of the Twitter application for iOS systems,, For Android devices, as well as TweetDeck.

A particularly interesting change is that the reply and re-Twitter and the admiration of Twitter will now be updated in front of your eyes in real time, this change will only be on TweetDeck and apps phones, but it will not be on or Twitter Lite application.




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