The iPhone 8 will support wireless charging and higher resistance to water

Wistron’s CEO, Wistron, one of the companies responsible for the collection of iPhone phones in India, said the next Apple devices will support wireless charging and will come with higher water resistance.

The CEO’s speech came after a meeting with investors, he said, adding that the iPhone collection process is not very different this year from previous generations. But with features like wireless charging and higher waterproof resistance, the testing processes are a little changed to become more hasty.

He confirmed that Wistron is currently producing a small amount of Apple phones in India to avoid problems with the Indian government. But overall and without specifying a company, he confirmed that Wistron will ship in 2017 phones over 2016 thanks to the facilities equipped with robots for assembly, and this will reduce the cost.

Based on the CEO’s comments, at least one of the Apple phones will support wireless charging. Based on the leaked back cover a few days ago, all phones in 2017 may support this because Apple has moved to use the glass on the back of the three phones.

According to Digitimes, Apple is preparing to start assembling the new phones, which will all be made of glass, but the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will use an aluminum frame to combine the screen and the back face.

One of Foxconn’s employees has shared a host of details about iPhone 8 and the rest of Apple’s devices that will see the light in the coming period.


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