iFixit disassembles the Surface laptop and assures that it is impossible to fix it

After the new Microsoft Surface Desktop computer for the iFixit decomposition process has already shown that it has already achieved the desired balance of performance and design but it is impossible to repair or upgrade it at all.

During the disassembly process, it was difficult to open and remove the upper part of it because the device did not have screws connecting the upper and lower surfaces. This made the technicians have to turn away from the keyboard. After removing the top of the device, the individual components that were hard to remove were found, glued to the keyboard, and the motherboard was covered with a number of thermal pillows. The team also confirmed that the device’s battery can not be disconnected until many internal components can be removed and then found to have been glued to the inside of the device.

The machine did not record good results for repairs, with a score of 10/0 suggesting that this device can not be repaired or attempted to upgrade its internal components such as the processor or Ram because they are already connected to the motherboard.

The final judgment of the iFixit team on the new Surface laptop computer is that it is filled with glue from the inside, there is no hope of its long-term promotion, and anyone who tries to do so can only destroy it.




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