A new video indicates that Note 8 will look similar to the Galaxy S8

We also know that Samsung is officially preparing to launch its new Galaxy Note 8, and if you are wondering about the design of the phone you may just need to look at the Galaxy S8.

A leaked video appeared to show two glass front panels. It was not mentioned that these were for the new Note 8. These rumors should not be taken seriously, but only leaks.

The new note 8 will be as big as the previous S8, but it will be wider and longer, according to previous rumors that it will come on a screen measuring 6.4 inches, making it slightly larger than the Galaxy S8 Plus 6.2-inch.

It is clear from the video that Samsung has also focused on this phone on the design of the full screen “Infinity Display” such as the Galaxy S8, especially after the design has impressed many customers.

It is noteworthy that there are many reports that indicated that the new Note 8 will be launched in August, a year after the release of the previous version Note 7.




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