The Frame the latest Samsung TVs arrive in the markets

Samsung announced that The Frame TVs will arrive in the market starting on Sunday, June 18, with different sizes 55 and 65 inches.

The company tried in The Frame to combine art and technology into a home-friendly device. Television, when not in use, would be able to display pictures and paintings to blend into the wall without being noticed.

The company said that the TV will come with 100 pictures and a painting by default, with access to 300 other pictures from a library provided by the company, for a monthly subscription of $ 5, or you can buy the image for $ 20 USD.

Television prices start from $ 1999 to $ 55 and $ 2799 to $ 65. You can also choose the color of the frame available in three options; white, light brown, and dark as well. They are replaceable tires for $ 200 in a mini-TV, and $ 250 in a grand.

The Frame received the Best Innovation Award at CES 2017, a 4K Ultra HD TV, which makes it a good choice.


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