The founder of the KickAss torrent site surrender himself to America for terms

Polish police have arrested the founder of the famous KickAss site known as Ukrainian Artem Vaulin a year ago. The 30-year-old is facing the risk of being handed over to the United States, prompting him to voluntarily surrender to certain conditions.

The court in Poland approved the extradition of the accused to the United States Government, which led the defense team to appeal the sentence and obtain bail on bail.

Under the vacancy and residence in an apartment in the Polish capital of Warsaw, Vaulin managed to communicate with lawyers from the United States and negotiate with the government on new terms under which he could voluntarily surrender himself.

The new terms are not yet known, but most likely the US government will not agree with them. Similar to a similar story with Kim, founder of the Megaworld site where he called for a fair trial and the US government paid the cost of living, which the United States refused to continue living in its original home New Zealand.




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