Firefox update resolves the problem of large memory consumption

Mozilla has modified its Firefox browser to reduce its consumption of random memory in its latest update so as to try to compete again with Chrome’s gluten memory and battery.

In Firefox 54 Mozilla has increased the maximum number of operations per page from 1 to 4 operations, so the company has made the biggest change in browser code in its history.

What happened was that Firefox had all the open tabs on one process, and that needed a great random memory especially if you were browsing large web pages.

Compared to Chrome, it runs a new process for each new tab that opens up and runs a new process to handle certain parts within a large web page with complex techniques. For example, opening 22 tabs on Chrome may need to run 330 processes running on 1,640 tracks and thus distribute the files on all these processes and activate those that you see in front of you on the page you use.

These significant improvements in Firefox have become a necessity for the return of the browser to the scene of competition after changing the focus of Mozilla to the operating system of smart phones Firefox, which announced the failure and stop and lay off 50 employees was working on the project.

Now Firefox has become faster and consumes less memory, will you get back to it?




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