Apple’s share price fell by 8%

Apple’s share price continued to fall for the second week in a row, up almost 8% since its highest price in the company’s history a month and a half ago, specifically in May 2017.

The stock closed at $ 148.98 on Friday, trading at $ 143 on Monday morning, down 3.5%.

The stock market is generally suffering from a decline at the moment, especially for technical companies. But companies such as Facebook and Google have maintained the growth of the share price or at least its value without recording a few losses.

Some companies specializing in analysis and consulting have begun to lower their outlook on Apple’s share price from $ 160 to $ 150. At a time when Drexel Hamilton analysts believe it is the perfect time to buy Apple before rising again.

Before the Apple Developers Conference, the share price began to decline at acceptable rates. But this decline continued even after the end of the conference, and this reflects in one way or another reactions to the conference, which can not be considered a major contributor to the change in share price because it is a purely programmatic conference.

Delaying the launch of iMac Pro and HomePod by the end of this year may be a disappointment to investors waiting for the iPhone 8, which could contribute to the rebound or stop the decline in one way or another.

In the first week of May, Apple’s market cap exceeded the $ 800 billion mark after its share price rose above the $ 153 mark, almost a week after the financial results for the second quarter of 2017 were disclosed.


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