A new tool in YouTube to see what the user is interested in while watching a 360 degree video

Google announced the launch of a new tool within YouTube that allows the owners of virtual reality videos 360 degrees to know places that interest the followers.

The new tool will be available at any 360 degree angle after exceeding 1000 views, a thermal map showing the places the viewer sees after the glasses are placed, the focus areas will appear red, and the gray area gradually decreases to indicate a lack of interest in the area.

According to the company, 75% of viewers focus on following the 90 degrees of the phenomenon of video. To that end, content makers have been asked to focus on the 90-degree view area to ensure content is viewed. But at the same time confirmed that 20% of viewers also care about what is going on in the back.

Finally, Google noted that 360-degree video viewers are Google CardBoard viewers or professional virtual reality glasses users. For this, the content owner needs to ensure an all-inclusive experience, especially since CardBoard owners are slow to move the head.

In addition, the company announced new three-month VR Creator Lab courses, which will allow people with ideas to learn the best ways to deliver virtual reality content, with participants earning $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 To turn those ideas into projects.


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