Skype adopts a new logo simpler than the previous

Recent changes to Skype have begun to change the design and add new features to keep abreast of the evolution of chat and social networking applications like stories. Today, Microsoft is unveiling the new Skype logo, which is actually simplifying the old slogan.

Microsoft removed from the new logo the cloud shape that surrounded the word Skype, made the line thinner, and became the letter S large K length, but the rest of the changes of both type or color font.

Beside the word Skype, the S letter was placed separately with the semi-appearance of the surrounding cloud from the previous logo, and the brand tag was removed from the upper right corner.

Compared to the Office logo, we find that Microsoft used the same font and the way the length of the first character is equal to the second character, and this is another indication that  will be linked to Office as a communication platform between companies.

On the whole, Microsoft needs more than a new visual identity to put Skype in the center of competition with chat applications such as Wattab and MSN Facebook that reach more than one billion users.




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