New centers of IBM to develop iOS applications

IBM announced that it is opening new centers for the development of applications for smart devices, specifically iOS, to be named Garages, after the success of its first MobileFirst.

In 2014, Apple and IBM announced a partnership under which the latter would develop applications for different business sectors such as commerce, health, or even education. Within one year, it succeeded in developing more than 100 applications.

IBM plans to open new centers in continuation of the MobileFirst initiative because the market is growing and customers need a faster application development, design and testing plan before deploying to the store, a company official said. He added that the initiative initiated by the company four years ago has provided considerable experience and allowed to orient the needs of the market, especially in the field of application development.

Centers will be opened in Shanghai, China and Bucharest, to be added to the center in Bangalore, India.

IBM applications have generated billions of dollars in revenue with more than 3,800 users, a very large figure and driving the company to invest heavily in the field.

Apple has an iOS application development center in India, too, specifically in Bengaluru, a fast-paced building for its first applications, as Apple seeks to capitalize on the passion and experience of developers there.

Continuing to address corporate-oriented solutions, SAP and Apple have launched a new SDK for enterprise application development on iOS, with a training program as well.


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