Emirates is using VR to improve service quality

Bloomberg said Emirates wanted to use enhanced VR glasses to improve the quality of service on its aircraft and to improve the travel experience for all passengers.

The company intends to provide the crew with glasses to show the information and preferences of each passenger during the trip, thus providing a unique experience for each individual traveler. The company is also considering the possibility of providing these glasses to travelers to explore airports more quickly, especially the very large.

It is hard to imagine providing the crew with enhanced reality glasses, especially now that they are very large. But providing simple tablet applications may work, or new company glasses can be developed for a unique experience.

There is little information on this at the moment, but the company is seeking to raise profits again after it recorded a decline for the first time in five years.

Speaking of the enhanced reality, Apple recently launched its software package for enhanced reality called ARKit, which will be an essential part of iOS 11.


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