Complaints about fraud within the app store

In a new post on the Medium site, blogger Johnny Lin noted that there were very large scams currently taking place within the App Store. Lin said that these cases caused developers to receive large amounts of material up to 80 thousand US dollars per month.

The store now has a host of applications that claim to be able to scan your device for viruses and malware, which unfortunately appear in the first search results, or in the top positions in the lists. The productivity department applications start with a variety of mobile protection: Clean & Security VPN.

Lin said that after the application was installed, the user was asked to pay a subscription of up to $ 99.99 for the application to run for only seven days, so after 200 people were tricked, the application owners could make $ 80,000 a month, or $ 960,000 a year. These figures are registered and some developers have succeeded in achieving them.

These applications also take advantage of the new ad system, which allows the advertisement of any application without review or restrictions, and thus malicious applications may appear when searching for a game, for example, which leads to users falling victim to those cases.

Applications can not be available to protect against malware within the App Store primarily because the iOS system isolates each application on its own, and no application can read other application data unless its developers permit it. This should be done through software interfaces that may differ from application to application.


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