Apple may share with Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon in the acquisition of Toshiba

Foxconn is close to acquiring the chip production sector within Toshiba, but it will not be the only one in the acquisition, Reuters reported.

Foxconn chief executive said that Apple and Google, in addition to Amazon may co-enter the deal with his company, and therefore will be distributed among those companies, and other technology companies wishing to acquire Toshiba.

The deal faces two ways at the moment. The first is the formation of an alliance between major technology companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, and Facebook, and then join the acquisition deal with Foxconn to share the ratios among them. Or that one of those companies offered their offer along with Foxconn as their support because the Japanese government does not want to go ownership of its technology to Taiwan – the main country of Foxconn – or any of the Asian countries, so the presence of partners from foreign countries may contribute to the completion of the deal .

Korea’s Korean Herald reported that there was an alliance between major technology companies to acquire Toshiba in April 2017. Reuters also said the same when Apple said it wanted to acquire a 20% stake in Toshiba.

The major companies are seeking to complete the deal to ensure that there is no shortage in the production of electronic chips for its devices in light of the large number of technical companies at the present time and the shortfall in the rate of production, companies that produce the internal components are small compared to companies consuming those components.


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