A new platform from Google to identify the contents of images more quickly on phones

Google revealed a new platform called MobileNets, which is a modular TensorFlow platform specialized in artificial intelligence and self-learning of the machine.

Through the new units, Google aims to develop the skills of smart devices to be able to identify the contents of images more quickly, as well as eliminate the need to connect to the Internet to complete this process, where Google aspires to carry out this process within the user.

The new units, which are open source, can identify the contents of the images in terms of elements within them such as trees, games, etc. As well as face recognition and details. You will also be able to know the details of elements such as plant and animal species as well, and finally identify the places inside the images, all using this mobile phone camera only.

Such uses were possible via smartphones, but the analysis was done via cloud-based algorithms, meaning that the user needed to connect to the Internet. But thanks to MobileNets, everything will be recognized on the same user’s device.


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