Consumer Reports Report: The Galaxy S8 phones are the best according to user opinions

Consumer Reports reports a consumer satisfaction survey on the S8, which briefly states that the phone has excellent performance, but the price point remains a barrier for many consumers.

Starting with design, Consumer Reports reports that there are almost no edges in the phone and how this allows for a larger screen to fit with the same footprint. The curved double-screen interface also contributes to the minimum edges and maintains a sleek, modern design.

The report also praised battery life, with the Galaxy S8 Plus scoring higher than the Galaxy S8.

The phones have been placed in a compressed water tank to test the IP68 water resistance standard. The phones have passed the test. Samsung’s artificial intelligence technology is a feature on all phones, but it is believed that everyone will use Google’s personal assistant anyway.

The end of the report indicates that even without the PDA button the Galaxy S8 is still one of the top rated phones.




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