Amazon offered $ 9 billion to buy Slack

Slack, according to the latest investment, is worth about $ 3.8 billion, but Amazon is keen to acquire it, offering more than double the value of $ 9 billion, but so far has not been approved.

Bloomberg said the company’s networking and networking service Salak has received several acquisitions, most notably a $ 9 billion offer from Amazon. The deal has not been completed and the talks between the two companies have been suspended.

Slack had a $ 200 million financing round last year that raised its market cap to $ 3.8 billion. The company began in 2013 and has so far attracted 5 million users, including 1.5 million paid users, generating annual revenues of $ 150 million.

Why would Amazon pay more than double the value of the company to acquire? Several reasons justify this, the most important of which are the significant growth opportunities expected. Slack has recently begun to focus on large companies to provide their employees with a communication service.

Other companies are competing in the field, such as Microsoft, which launched Team, which has 100 million subscribers in Office 365, and Facebook, which launched the 14,000-service Workplace.

Of course, Amazon does not want to acquire a competitor on Slack, and the e-commerce giant seeks to provide its services to companies via chat, too, to integrate with cloud services.




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