Twitter on iOS comes with a new design similar to that on Android

Twitter has just released a new update that has been widely applied to the iOS operating system. With this update, the application was redesigned to be somewhat similar to what is available on the other Android system.

It can be accessed by clicking on the profile image at the top of your schedule. This tab allows you to access your personal profile, access the moments feature side by side to access the settings and privacy, so all of this is available in one interface and place.

The application was organized entirely on colors using white, colors and transparent effects, changing the response button to a speech bubble, because users previously thought the “arrow” reply button means deleting or referencing the previous page, as well as reducing tabs at the bottom From the main interface of the application.

With this update, links to articles and web links are now being opened in the Twitter application itself and there is no need for the browser. You will also see additional options, most notably the color-contrast adjustment and the option to open Safari-compatible links. Twitter has indicated that in the next few days the update will be available to everyone.




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