The digital Facebook assistant “M” now supports the Spanish language

Users of the Messenger application in Mexico and the United States of America said that the digital Facebook assistant, “M”, now supports Spanish, after previously available in English only.

Facebook published a post confirming the arrival of the new language for the digital assistant, which you later delete for no reason. But TechCrunch has already confirmed M support for Spanish.

During the conversation with friends in English or Spanish, the assistant will offer suggestions; when talking about meeting with someone, they will suggest a proposal to add the appointment to the calendar and book a taxi before the meeting.

Facebook “M” is supported so far only two languages. Its use is in writing, that is, it analyzes what the user writes and therefore intervenes, since it can not be used by voice as in the rest of digital aids. But according to Facebook engineers, the goal now is to raise the level of artificial intelligence in the assistant and enhance the ability to understand the questions and requests of the user, before the release of a copy works by voice commands.


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