Google Drive will provide an application for backup and synchronization of the entire computer

Google plans to launch a new application that works with its cloud storage service, which will backup and synchronize all of your computer files, not just the contents of your service folder.

Yes, it’s a new way of Google to fill your entire space on Google Drive, which may prompt you to buy additional storage space. But of course the app gives you the option to specify which folder you want to back up and sync with and not just the entire USB flash drive.

This means that you can select a folder, a storage disk, or even your desktop and documents to always back up. Sure, you will be able to open the famous files via the DRIVE service as now with the Driver folder and if it has been synchronized from other folders of your computer.

The new application Backup & Sync will be available on June 28th and uses the same storage capacity you have at Google. It’s 15 GB that you use for all the company’s services from Gmail, Google Drive and others, although it’s more than enough for many small office files, but of course it’s not convenient to back up all files Your computer can be up to ten times that size easily.

It is clear that the near future will provide us with great storage at cheap prices that will allow us to easily store all the files on the cloud and synchronize easily with the availability of fast connections, but until then, such applications remain very practical solutions for a large segment of users.




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