Film production companies set up anti-piracy alliance online

A group of 30 film and entertainment companies has established a new alliance to fight online piracy from BitTorrent sites and others that publish their content free of charge.

The alliance includes major companies including HBO, Netflix, NBCUniversal and other Hollywood studios such as Warner Bros., Disney and others. Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), which will provide members with the tools to conduct research on piracy of their content and work with government authorities to stop piracy and torrent sites that steal movies and serials from their production.

According to the alliance, last year the pirated movies and series were downloaded 5.4 billion times, which means tens of billions of dollars of lost revenue on the production companies. Web sites for hacked content were visited at a rate of 21.4 billion visits.

The alliance will work with long-standing players in the fight against intellectual property rights violations, such as the American Film Association of the United States and other similar associations in the European Union.

The past period has witnessed the closure of several sites and search engines famous torrent, such as Xtra Torrent What.CD KickAss




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