Apple gets patented fingerprint sensitive mode in the power button

Three months after the unveiling of iPhone 8, which will see the removal of the Home button for the first time in the history of iPhone phones, but where will Apple put it? There are several possibilities such as embedding it on the screen, and today there is a patent stating that it may be placed under the power button and power.

Apple has received a new batch of 68 patents, some of them for the Touch ID, via the fingerprint sensor in the power button instead of the main button. This will allow removal of the main button and make the phone screen larger without increasing the body size of the handset as a whole.

Apple had applied for the patent in the second quarter of 2015, but it was not the only company that thought about it. Sony launched the Z5 in the fourth quarter of the year and the fingerprint sensor comes in the power button, but this feature has been disabled In the United States to prevent any legal problems with Apple.

The fingerprint sensor has been improved to be proportional to the power button wherever it is placed either on the side of the phone and the narrow edges, or at the top of the phone the preferred location of Apple.

Of course Apple’s access to this patent does not confirm that it will apply, but only to protect its rights, as the company also has a patent to put the sensor under the touch screen in several ways.

Where do you prefer fingerprint sensor mode for iPhone 8?




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