Sony unveils PlayLink application to participate in Playstation games via smartphones

Sony has announced its new application to control the PlayStation Games, the application to carry the PlayLink S for Android and iOS also.

The company intends to change the way they participate in games after years of relying on the control handles. Through this application, the user can join games that support this possibility and share with other friends.

In addition, the company intends to provide software interfaces that allow developers to benefit from the application so that the game content can be separated to show a part on the TV and the other part on the phone of a player.

As a simple application of this kind of partnership, you can imagine a game that shows on TV some instructions that a user needs to perform on his phone. Or display an idea that the user is converting to a drawing by phone.

The free application will be available to users of PlayStation Plus at the beginning of next July, an application that supports the fourth generation of Sony’s gaming platform. The company also confirmed that a large range of games come with the official launch to benefit the user and his friends from the possibility of playing the whole new team.


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