New ads expansion of XCOM 2

Firaxis has developed the new expansion of XCOM 2, called War of the Chosen, and will be the biggest addition to the game. It also adds a system similar to the system of enemies in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Firaxis announced during the show that the goal was to offer something special, and the main enemy was chosen and who was supposed to be the ultimate enemy of XCOM. As in Shadow of Mordor, the enemy will gain energy and return to retaliation if it is not killed directly. In XCOM 2, the selected nud will return more frequently and stronger.

In addition, the expansion will contain many different sects and factions that will change the way the battles progress. For example, the lost will be human beings who resemble the living dead and move in large swarms with the sound of fighting. They are a “useless” crowd and do not take sides.

The new expansion will come on August 29 for PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.




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