Apple confirms its development of a self-driving car operating system

For the first time Apple has confirmed rumors about its interest in self-driving cars, but instead of making a full car through a car manufacturer, it will develop its own operating systems and software.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company focused on automated driving systems rather than a car with Apple’s logo. Apple seems to be working on several smart intelligence projects that will be the most important ones.

The rumors about Apple’s interest in self-driving cars have started with the Titan project since 2014, when the company hired a team of engineers to work on it and attracted employees from rival companies in various fields, especially batteries. They even began testing actual cars in California after meetings with automakers German.

It seems that Apple initially intended to manufacture a fully self-contained car like Google does, but the 1,000-engineer team is not going to command and control systems instead of the full car recently.

Apple will not compete with Tesla to create a self-powered, self-powered car, but will focus on the command, operation and control system to offer to companies wanting to build self-driving cars.




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