WordPress offices will be closed for non-arrival of staff

Automattic, which is responsible for the development of the WordPress content management platform, said the company would close one of its large offices in San Francisco for not always coming in.

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of QZ, said the office space is 15,000 square feet and has been in existence for six or seven years. However, the total number of employees who come daily does not exceed five.

The company has more than 550 employees, and is distinguished between working from the office or remotely from any location they choose, allowing them to work in joint work environments other than the company’s official office. She also said that employees wishing to work from coffee shops would pay for their coffee.

The company has offices elsewhere in the world, such as South Africa. It also follows the same concept, preferring to give employees the freedom to drive productivity instead of restricting it to a specific place of business.

Automattic is not the only company that follows this approach. Other companies like Yahoo and IBM followed the same path, but later declined because officials preferred the employee to be in the company’s own headquarters.

Elastic Software has more than 500 employees in more than 35 countries. It holds annual meetings in America and Europe to meet together. But, by the way, all conversations remain via e-mail or through applications such as Slack.


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