Vulnerability in Office package that loads malicious software without user intervention

Trend Micro, a specialist in digital security, said new hackers began hacking malicious software on users’ computers without knowing a security vulnerability in Office Pack.

The risk of these practices is that they do not ask the user for any interference. After years of infecting the devices by visiting malicious links, the user’s device will be infected by simply placing the mouse pointer over the link.

A user may receive a message containing addresses such as Invoice, or Order, which contain files attached as a PowerPoint document.

Once the document is running, only a loaded statement appears, and once the mouse pointer is placed over it, the attack begins by downloading malicious files to infect the device. If the mouse pointer is not rounded, the device remains safe.

In the modern versions of the Office package, PowerPoint will notify the user that there is something the linker will download, so the process can be denied and the attack prevented. But in the old versions the download process will begin without the user’s knowledge, and the package will run automatically and thus infect the device immediately.

Trend Micro said that more than 1444 threats to use this method have been set recently, which is why users are advised to be cautious at the moment of anonymous messages.


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