Microsoft intends to change the design of Cortana interfaces and access method

Microsoft intends to change the design of its Cortana digital assistant interfaces in Windows 10, according to reports from Windows Central and Thurrott.

According to reports that have been published separately, Microsoft wants to make the interfaces of the digital assistant clearer by relying on the same interfaces used in the applications of instant conversations, or those provided by Google in the application “Alo.” This means that the user’s question will appear in a tip, and the answer to the curtana will appear on the opposite end of the window to look like a real dialogue within an instant chat app.

Cortana’s questions can be asked at the moment, but the answers appear in a vertical way, something Microsoft wants to get rid of right now.

In addition, the company intends to move the PDA icon as a taskbar icon to the side of the clock, so that the digital assistant is always available, without disturbing its user icon.

There are no confirmations of the authenticity of these reports, but since they are from two different locations, the company may be on the way to experiencing at least a change in design.


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